Viloan in installments.

April 1, 2016 Short-term loan payday pay is not a good solution for everyone because you have to pay it off once on a set day. Sometimes, by borrowing even small amounts, we prefer to split the payment into low installments. This is a responsible approach to finance. Especially if in the near future we do not expect a larger amount. 

Many specialists have speculated that after the entry into force of the amendment to the Act on Financial Market Supervision, payday loans will disappear from the market. It was assumed that non-bank institutions would start offering installment loans to their clients. However, these assumptions did not quite come true. Although relatively little time has passed since the changes in the regulations, we can see that not all companies providing payday loans have changed their offers.

Installment loan in Viloan

Installment loan in Viloan

Viloan in Poland has been granting payday loans since 2012. and so far there is no indication that this situation will change. The company continues to grant new clients a free loan of up to PLN 1,600. We can take a momentary charge in Viloan for a maximum of 30 days. However, we cannot receive an installment loan at Viloan because the company does not have it on offer. It is worth noting that Viloan belongs to the international capital group 4 Finance Group. This group has been around since 2008. and currently operates in 15 countries. Importantly, in Poland it also provides installment loans. The loan brand Ploax also belongs to this group, so Viloan and Ploax are so-called “Sisters”. The similarity between the companies can be seen on websites and in loan applications. They are constructed very similarly.

Installment loan in Ploax

Installment loan in Zaplo

Ploax grants loans in installments online. At Ploax we can apply for an installment loan from PLN 1,000 to even PLN 10,000. The loan amount depends on our financial standing. Loans are granted for a period of 3 to 24 months.

If you want to get an installment loan in Ploax, you should meet several basic conditions, namely:

  • Be a Polish citizen
  • Be between 21 and 70 years old
  • Have the ability to pay back the loan (permanent source of income)
  • Do not appear in the register of debtors
  • Have a bank account (for your details)

What to do to get an installment loan

What to do to get an installment loan

If you want to get a installment loan, first select the loan amount and repayment period. Before that, think about what amount the monthly installment will not be a burden on your budget. Don’t make hasty decisions. Remember that the installment loan is paid for many months, which is why it is so important to adjust the amount of the monthly installment accordingly. If you already know the amount you can spend on repayment every month, you can proceed with completing the application with a clear conscience. We will get a reply from Ploax to the submitted application within a few minutes. A big advantage of the company is a quick loan decision, which we receive by e-mail and text. The company is characterized by high loan granting as well as immediate payment of funds.

To sum up, we cannot apply for an installment loan at Viloan , because the company does not have it on offer. If you want to use the services of the same lender, i.e. 4 Finance Group, you can complete the application at Ploax. However, we should remember to choose the loan amount appropriately to the repayment period so that repayment of the liability is not a problem for us.


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