Types of loans to finance studies

Do you want to finance your studies through a loan ? If you consider that possibility, you know that in Good Finance we can help you with that money you need; because we will negotiate the best personal loan for you.

Types of loans to finance master or career studies

Types of loans to finance master or career studies

Not all people have enough savings to pay for the tuition of a career or a master’s degree. However, today it is possible to find alternatives to finance studies , such as personal loans .

Through a loan you can receive the money you need to pay for your studies and return it in comfortable monthly installments. So that you can adapt it to your needs and finish liquidating it when you have work.

What types of loans are there?

What types of loans are there?

Fintech banks or companies make available to users different types of loans focused on studies ; the main ones being the following:

Loans for university studies (degrees)

There are banks that offer this product. Generally, they have a TIN of up to 7.95% and ranges from 3,000 to 80,000 euros of financing; With a total of 10 years for return. They allow to finance the expenses of the matrícula and even those destined to the rent, to the material, to the transport, etc.

Master loans

Secondly, there are also loans for post-university studies . It is the financial product that is intended for students who wish to pursue a master’s degree. They usually have a TIN of up to 9.75% and the amount financed can be up to 60,000 euros.

Scholarship Advance

This type of loans anticipates the money that you will receive from a scholarship from a public body. Generally they have a TIN of 5% and the amount to be financed goes from 600 euros to 9,000 euros. There is a 12 month limit to return them (so the scholarship is received).

Personal loan for studies

Personal loan for studies

What do we propose in Good Finance? A personal loan designed for your studies. Through our loan website you can request financing to pay for your studies, either from the master or the degree program.

It’s as easy as starting your application, connecting your accounts and seeing how much you can access and under what conditions. So that you can request from € 1,000 to € 50,000 , with a variable TIN from 4.65% TIN (4.75% APR); so you can pay for the race and even the master at the same time.

Because we? Because we negotiate with the banks to offer you the best possible conditions; so that you can pay less for the money borrowed.

Your money in less than 24 hours

Your money in less than 24 hours

Another advantage that characterizes us is speed. Because we are aware that when you want to study you need money as soon as possible; To start as soon as possible, without delays or worries. So we guarantee that after approving your application you will have the money in the bank in a matter of 1 day .

Keep in mind that we adapt the loan 100% to your possibilities , so you won’t have to worry about anything. Based on the financial health of your accounts we will offer you the loan that best suits your situation.

So you just have to download the Good Finance app and start saving ; because we will help you month by month through tips to increase your FinScore; So you always enjoy the best conditions.

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