Ideas to save money that every millennial that is respected should follow

Spending money is one of the easiest things that exist, surely! Who doesn’t like to buy new clothes or accessories? Always eat out? Go to the movies, theater or party without worrying about the cost of tickets and drinks? But the truth is that nothing is good as it seems and spend that way without thinking about your income, savings and obligations, it has no happy ending.

Although the world tells us to spend, buy and throw money overboard, we need to stop for a moment to think about our economic situation and the importance of saving and preparing for possible emergencies. But not only that, but also in the goals we want to achieve in the short, medium and long term, and how a better organization of our expenses will help us achieve them.

But calm, we know that saving can sound extremely difficult, especially in full youth. How to avoid spending so much while enjoying life? We give you some ideas that you can apply to get the most out of your income and not miss anything. Search for shared services: Netflix, Spotify, etc.
By sharing accounts you will see that you save more than you think.

Buy clothes in the opposite season

Buy clothes in the opposite season

It may seem crazy, but it will help you find insurmountable offers. Open a salary account
If you get paid through a bank, request a salary account and thus you will have access to many discounts on restaurants, entertainment, education, etc., which will allow you to save. Count the times you eat on the street
Don’t you bring lunch to the office? Rather than eat every day outside, try to prepare something at home.

Search for a delivery menu

Search for a delivery menu

Sometimes cooking can be more expensive than you think, and another option to solve the lack of time is to hire a menu, since it usually comes out cheaper than eating in different restaurants. Take taxis together
If you are forced to take taxis to transport you to your office, you can make a group with friends who live nearby or along the way, in order to reduce the cost. Use your bike
On the subject of transport, you would be surprised how easy it is to use a bicycle to cover certain short distances. If you have one, start using it!

Don’t pay for a gym if you don’t use it


Don’t let laziness make you pay for a gym if you don’t go. Either you cancel it, or you use it. Use video tutorials to exercise
Running through the nearest park is free, as well as using videos from YouTube and Instagram to follow routines and stay in shape, without spending. Take advantage of coupon pages
There are different pages of coupons that you can use to find a special dinner, tickets and even products. Visit them before planning your next outing.

A night of games and drinks may be the answer to a weekend
What if this weekend instead of going out, do you organize something at home? Preparing some snacks and drinks with your friends can be cheaper than tickets and consumption in a place.

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