Fast payday loans: What they are and how to get them

Nowadays it can happen that you find yourself facing unexpected expenses, unexpected payments or too onerous to be able to be solved easily. You can overcome these problems by turning to a bank or a finance company. Most credit companies offer their clients the possibility of using fast personal loans, or loans granted in an extremely short time.

Type of loan amounts

Type of loan amounts

Usually this type of loan amounts to a lower maximum amount than that granted by normal personal loans, with the advantage, however, of receiving the liquidity required already in 24 or 48 hours. The most frequent formula for the fast payday loan is that of filling out online.

Furthermore, this type of financing can also be granted to those who have an irregular financial situation, for example those who are without payroll or who are reported by the Central Credit Register as a bad payer. In the latter case, in order to avoid unpleasant inconveniences, the credit company can request the presence of a guarantor from the client or take more time to carefully check the applicant’s financial situation.

fast payday loans follow many of the rules that determine normal personal loans, starting with the documentation required to request them. Normally, a customer interested in a quick loan must present a valid ID, the tax code, the last user of his house and a certification regarding his own profitable situation, such as the latest payslips, pension payslips or the most recent tax return. The same are also the criteria that determine the actual cost of the loan, or how much the customer will have to repay more in terms of interest. This figure takes the form of a certain monthly amount (the installment) whose value depends on certain factors, the first of which are obviously the amount and duration of the loan itself, or how much money the customer asks the bank and how long it takes commits to return them. Finally, the two interest rates, the TAN and the APR, are applied to these two variables. With the first, the Nominal Annual Rate, reference is made to the simple percentage that the bank places on the gross amount of the loan; with the APR instead, or the Annual Global Effective Rate, you get all the extra money that the customer will have to give back to the bank: not only the bank interest but also the procedural and insurance cost of the case.

Features of Hello! projects and considerations

Features of Hello! projects and considerations

More and more banks have made efforts to make many of their services available online (sometimes even through specific detachments dedicated to the web) as Hello bank! of BNL, a very advantageous formula among fast online loans.

Hello! Project, the financing of Hello bank!, provides a quick and punctual response from the bank’s operators, thanks to the possibility of uploading all the documents to be matched to your request directly from the site. Once the application has been made it will be possible to monitor its progress in the reserved area of ​​the portal.

The offer also eliminates all activation and management costs. The loan is 100% online with digital signature and without incidental costs, thus allowing the installment to be changed every month without costs after having repaid the first six installments. Alongside these flexibility options, the loan can be repaid early without charge.

As an example: An online loan with a total credit amount of € 10,000: repayable in 84 monthly installments of € 148.50, we get a fixed TAN 6.50 %, fixed APR 6.69%.

All these features make the loan Hello! Project simple, fast, convenient and among the best on the market.


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